Viodi View – 11/09/2009

Minneapolis was the no nonsense setting for last week’s OPASTCO Technical and Marketing Symposium. What I like about this particular conference is its intimate nature and the way it mixes marketing and technical topics making them relevant for both management and staff. The theme of this conference was, “Tools to compete in the global economy.”

Chris Purdy of PTCI explained the configuration tool that his company developed that lets customers create custom bundles and see the savings of various options. Similarly, Anita Fledderman of Enhanced Telecommunications explained how their “You Pick” bundle, which allows the customer to decide how many of their six services they want to bundle, has helped grow revenue and service penetration. The number of services per subscriber increased thanks to this tool and the revenue per sub went from 2 to 3.75 while the total average revenue went from $60 to $95 per month. 

click here to watch the videoMarketing, Monetizing, & Technical Sides of Video

Michael Koons of Cisco discusses how service velocity is an increasingly important factor in a telco’s ability to remain competitive. He also talks of how the video headend is morphing into a video data center. Michael touched on these points and more as a keynote speaker at OPASTCO’s 2009 Tech and Marketing Symposium. 

Cisco is a ____ company? Strong push into data centers by Alan Weissberger

With all the recent announcements, we wonder what kind of a company Cisco has evolved into? They seem to want to provide a solution to every conceivable IT market segment. This morning I heard a KCBS radio commercial about Cisco delivering movies over a private network in a dentist’s office. Later today, I read in the NY Times that Cisco and EMC have formed a joint venture to pursue the data center market for large business.  Click here to read the rest of Alan's analysis.   

click here to watch the videoI will miss the presentations at TelcoTV next week, but, fortunately, we have some sneak previews of a couple of the speakers who will be on the panel, Conquering the Home: Life Beyond the NID: “Connected Home Gateways.

Z-Wave Applications and More

Ken Lowe of Sigma Designs will be speaking at TelcoTV next week on the panel, “Connected Home Gateways”. Unfortunately, we will miss that panel, but fortunately, we did catch up with him at Parks Associates’ Connections Conference last June. In this video interview, he discusses the role of Z-Wave; integration of Z-Wave into residential gateways will make it even easier for telcos to participate in the home control market.  Click here to watch the video.

click to watch the videoHome Networking, Over the Top and Off-Air – New Ways to Add Value

Old friend and frequent Viodi View sponsor, Entone’s Steve McKay will be a panelist at TelcoTV next week on the panel, “Connected Home Gateways”. In this video interview, shot at Parks Associates Connections Conference last June, McKay talks about what Entone is seeing with over the top services, as well as hybrid models that combine over the top and off-air, broadcast signals. He suggests that the cable operators may be at a bit of a disadvantage with their large embedded base of set-top boxes that won’t support some of these new services. He also talks about the power of the home network to simplify and reduce the number of set-tops in the home.  Click to watch.

The Korner: Inspired Inbound Marketing  

click to watch the videoAt OPASTCO’s Tech and Marketing Symposium, Mike Volpe of Hubspot provided an inspiring talk regarding how companies can effectively use social media tools.  Volpe suggest that marketers need to think like publishers, instead of advertisers. The implication is that companies need to be content producers, which is something consistent with what Viodi has been saying about telcos and why they should be involved in local content production. He stressed the importance of opening up your media to multiple social networking platforms.

Pamela White, of ANPI, provided a real-life example of how the techniques that Volpe recommended improved ANPI’s marketing efficiency. In a somewhat ironic twist, White and I met via cross-linking of Twitter accounts and the OPASTCO Tech and Marketing Symposium was the first opportunity we had to meet in person.

Volpe’s remarks inspired us to clean up some of the subtle issues that have plagued the and Viodi.TV web sites. Our enthusiasm for making these changes may have caused a temporary outage on ViodiTV. At least we backed up the database and have the videos spread throughout the web. Click here to watch the video interview with Volpe and White.

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