Could the auction results of the recent 700 MHz auction be in jeopardy because of an obscure FCC ruling made in November 2007?  According to an FCC ruling, AT&T and Verizon are not supposed to have more than 95 MHz of spectrum in any market and, if the auction results stay as they are today, these limits will exceed this in 17 of the top 25 markets. Click here to read Alan Weissberger’s excellent and exclusive report on what should be a big news story in this election year.

Image of Telecom @ NAB 2008Roger and I are at NAB this week and we will have many interesting reports from this confab, particularly as it relates to telecom. If you are at NAB, stop by the Content Production Potpourri, as we will have approximately 12 demonstrations from companies that are making tools for low-cost, high quality local content productions. Click here to see the full list of speakers, which include representatives from JVC, Panasonic and Anton Bauer.

IP Possibilities 2008 Video Posts & More

The following represent some of the videos we produced while at IP Possibilities 2008. There was so much good content, that we could fill the rest of this year’s Viodi View with sound bites from this important show.  The one pure text post was on the XML Workshop overview provided by MetaSwitch

Cleaning Products – No, It’s Web 2.0 Technologies

Insights from a 700 MHz Winner

 Rob Riordan of Nsight Teleservices talks about the recent 700 MHz auction

Rob Riordan, Executive Vice President of Nsight Telservices, talks about the recent 700 MHz auction and some of the implications.  Nsight Telservices was a license winner in this auction.

Universal Broadband

John Rose talks about the concept of Universal Broadband

In this brief interview given at the IP Possibilities Conference & Expo, John Rose, President of OPASTCO, talks of the concept of universal broadband.

Bundling by a Thousand Cuts

Warren Lee gives some good ideas on how to boost ARPU

Warren Lee, President and CEO of NeoNova, explains how one cable operator gradually gets their customers to pay more for services they might not have ordered in the first place.

 Are We at the Tipping Point?

Gary Kim speaks of the Millenials at the IP Possibilities Conference 2008

“Soon the Millennials and Gen-Xers will take over,” so said telecom analyst and journalist, Gary Kim. In this brief video, Kim talks about why this shift in culture is important to service providers.  

Broadband Customer for Life

 David Lewis of TCA talks of the importance of broadband for independent telcos

David Lewis of TCA , a prominent consulting firm to independent telcos, discusses the importance of broadband for an independent telco to retain its subscriber base. 

A New Look at the 80/20 Rule

 James Kovaly of Cisco talks about the importance of attending events like IP Possibilities

James Kovaly of Cisco gives a new prospective on the 80/20 rule… the significance of attending NTCA  and OPASTCO conferences like IP Possibilities.

Entone Logo Coverage of IP Possibilities 2008 is brought to you by Entone.

Content, Conveyance and Social Networking at WTA’s Confab in Napa

Although I was there for only a few hours, the WTA had some excellent presentations, as summarized in the following articles.

Battle of the Virtual and Actual Desktop

As discussed in a previous issue of the Viodi View, Google, Adobe and Microsoft are increasingly crowding into each other’s traditional spaces.   Recent product offerings from Google and Adobe provide more evidence of this trend.  Click here to read the rest of this article.

AT&T & Verizon Wireless – Underwhelming Plans for 700 MHz Spectrum by Alan Weissberger

Last night, winners of the "beachfront property" FCC 700MHz auction were finally permitted to reveal their plans for using the spectrum obtained.  AT&T and Verizon won most of the licenses, spending a combined $16 billion.  As anticipated, the wireless giants aim to build faster wireless broadband networks capable of delivering high-speed data, voice, video and other services.  But those 4G networks won’t be available for at least three years!  Click here to read the rest of this article

Local Content Roundtable at SCTV 19 (Melrose Telephone) – May 12th, 2008

May 2007 Local Content Workshop at SCTV 19 Building upon Viodi’s Local Content Workshop series, the Local Content Roundtable will be a refresher of some of the latest ideas, tips and tools for producing low-cost, high-quality content.  Fresh from the exhibits of the NAB show, there will be plenty of ideas as to how independent telcos can become better producers.

Click here for more information

The Korner – Using Video to Promote Jack Rabbit; The NAB Connection

The previous issue of the Viodi View referenced Sheri Cooper and the selection of her husband as a finalist in the Children’s Category in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. To get to the finals, they had to pass through a panel of judges that included the likes of noted musicians, such as Al Jarreau and Bob Weir (Grateful Dead). In the final phase of the contest, it is about getting votes from the public; essentially it is now a popularity contest. 

In the tradition of using video to promote music, the duo put together a clever, low-cost production that they have uploaded to YouTube and, through the magic of syndication, ViodiTV.

Click here to watch the video for the cool Jack Rabbit song!

A few hours after I wrote the first draft of this post and while I was thinking of ways to  to tie it a little tighter Viodi View, I ran across the John Lennon Educational  Tour Bus at NAB. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Project is related to the aforementioned contest.  The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus web site describes what they do as follows:  

"The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a non-profit 501(c)(3) mobile audio and HD video recording and production facility. Since 1998, the Bus has provided free hands-on programs to hundreds of high schools, colleges, Boys and Girls Clubs, music festivals, concerts, conventions and community organizations."

In addition to having John Lennon’s name behind it, any organization that has a booth at NAB that is large enough for a freight trailer and more is impressive. Good luck Sheri and Clancy.

John Lennon Education Tour Bus

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