ViodiTV @ OPASTCO – Day 2 On-Air


From throwing fish to throwing out ideas on how the broadband plan should be modified, day two of OPASTCO had a little bit of everything. Workers from the Pike Place Fish Market entertained and provided a fresh look at customer service. There is nothing like passing a fish among a couple of hundred people to get the blood flowing early in the morning.

An important theme of the conference is the importance of participating in the various Notice of Proposed Rulemakings from the FCC. Telcos were encouraged to tell their lawmakers and the FCC as to how the Broadand Plan will impact their communities. Carol Mattey of the FCC compared the plan to a preliminary design that an architect might give a home owner. It is now up to the owner to give feedback to shape the final design.

It’s not only the plan, but some of the key assumptions of the plan that are being questioned; like the price to provide 100 Mb/s to the 15 to 30 M homes that would otherwise have broadband defined as 4 Mb/s downstream and 1 Mb/s upstream, or, could existing funding mechanisms work to get 100 Mb/s to all of America without breaking the bank?

We have numerous interviews that we will be posting to ViodiTV on the impact of the 1st version of the plan.

Speaking of ViodiTV, Roger Bindl’s hard work paid off, as we were able to get day 2 coverage of the OPASTCO Summer 2010 Convention on the hotel channel. We added an agenda, so people can see what is coming up tomorrow. Roger also figured out the aspect ratio to ensure the video filled the widescreen TV.

Roger also took some great B-roll, to serve as filler during transitions between segments. The above picture of Mt. Ranier framed by Safeco Field is an example of one of his shots.

As usual, we look forward to feedback to help us shape tomorrow night’s program. Please leave a comment with this post or contact us directly at the show for ideas to help us improve our coverage.

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