ViodiTV with Pivot Media Advertising Sponsorship

Viodi is teaming up with Pivot Media to expand our media coverage and broaden the reach of ViodiTV videos. Contact Ken or Roger for more information on this new opportunity for advertising. ViodiTV has one of the most viewed and largest libraries of video interviews and reports on telecom, broadband, IPTV and related topics in the industry. ViodiTV has produced over 500 video interviews with keynote speakers, industry & government leaders, plus reports on unique and interesting conferences across the country.

The Fact Sheet on YouTube and Fortune 500 statisics shows that…

  • 2 Billion YouTube videos are viewed every day
  • 94% of AdAge's top 100 advertisers advertised on YouTube.
  • 52% of 18-35 year olds share videos with friends and colleagues
  • H.264 support is taking on-online video beyond PC and Mobile to the TV

ViodiTV has been publishing video on-line for over 7 years – yes before YouTube existed – and has a broad understanding of using video on-line. Viodi videos are posted in ViodiTV, uploaded to BlipTV for branded and customized video players, cross posted to YouTube (uploaded) and referenced by sites across the web for great search results and recognition for advertisers.

ViodiTV Sponsosrship Info

Digital Home Summit

SmartGrid Forum

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