Waiting for the Bus – a Green App

note the destinationActually, I am no longer waiting for the bus, as the Google maps application for android allows me to quickly find the shortest and most efficient public transport route. In days gone by, I would have have rented a car or taken a taxi when traveling.

The Google mapplication takes the guess work out of when the bus is scheduled to arrive, it's route and it's estimated time of arrival. With this at my fingertips, I can judge when I have to be at the bus stop, so I don't have to waste time waiting for the bus.

Granted, I may have a block or two more of walking, it may take a bit longer and I may have to plan a bit more than alternative modes of transport. But, the cost savings are amazing (10% of the cost of a taxi today). Plus, I get the opportunity to write silly posts like this one use my G1 phone while commuting on the bus. And as a nod to my green friends, this has to be a little more efficient than car.

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