What Is That Gizmo? Is it TV? It's Everywhere.

It’s not unusual to run into someone you know on an airplane. This week when someone I saw at the ACA Summit said they saw me on a Southwest flight a couple of weeks ago, I had to wonder as it had been since January since I had flown Viodi’s corporate jet (aka, SWA). Turns out, he had seen a video segment I had provided to Gizomedia for inclusion on their gizmo video channel, which has appeared in some hotel chains and, now, much to my surprise, on Southwest Airlines.

The show features two enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgable hosts who have an appeal that spans generations. They make insightful comments about the content, which is a mix of editorial and advertorial, and, as the name implies, focuses on gizmos.

Gizmo has a prime position in the Southwest Airlines linear channel offering, which is limited to fewer than 20 channels, is free to the user and features major cable networks, such as HGTV, Cartoon Network and Fox News. Oddly enough, the video player didn’t work on my android devices, but it worked fine in Chrome on a lap-top.

Gizmo sees their programming extending through multiple channels, including physical kiosks, as well  as the aforementioned private networks. One of my broadband operator friends who saw the channel mentioned that this is the type of programming he is looking for to reach younger generations and cord-cutters. So stay tuned for updates on this network that is just taking off.


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