A Tru2Way Competitor? Yahoo!

Could Yahoo! be giving the world an alternative to Cable Labs Tru2Way approach for providing interactive television? Their relationship with Intel to ensure that the

Yahoo! Widgets are integrated into Intel’s System on a Chip

set-top platform could give the cable approach a run for its money.

Out the gate, they look to have the support of multiple content providers, including such heavyweights as ABC.com, CBS, eBay and others, that are developing Widgets to allow for an interactive experience and the transmission of different types of content to easily be displayed on TV.   From a developer standpoint, I suspect it will be much more open and a lower cost of entry than is Tru2Way [formerly known as OCAP].  It seems to me that much of the integration with telco operations (e.g. caller ID on TV, Visual Voicemail, etc.) could also be accomplished via a widget approach. 

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