Staycation seems to be a common theme in the news this summer. Travel this year is down, but not out, as even though the price of gasoline has risen by 39% since last year, AAA projected that the number of Americans traveling would be down by 1.3% for this past Independence Day weekend.   And although the near-term view may be doom and gloom, high energy prices will lead to both alternative forms of fuel as well as product substitution.   

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Monitoring Goes Home

click here to read about some of the applications shown at Parks Associates Connections ConferenceBroadband will be enabler of product substitution, whether it is used to reduce travel through things like telecommuting or decrease energy consumption through improved efficiency.   Broadband as a way to improve life on the home front was an underlying theme of the Parks Associates Connections conference in Santa Clara the last week of June.   Click here to read about some of the challenges and opportunities of consumer broadband that were discussed at the Parks Associates Conference.

Google’s Trojan Horse Takes Another Step

One company conspicuously absent from the Connections Conference was Google. The timing was interesting as Google announced their media server that same week. To read why this might be another step into the consumer’s home by a Google Trojan Horse, click here

Location Based Services and Technologies

Knowing the locations of people, places and things is another way to improve efficiency of logistics. Location Based Services promises to help in these areas and Alan Weissberger summarizes the state of this industry segment in this article. Click here to read more.  

WiMAX Counts

Weissberger reports on a study by Montreal-based, market research and analysis firm Maravedis that suggests that the global Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)/ WiMAX subscriber base increased by more than 200,000 in the first quarter of 2008, reaching nearly 2 million (1.98M) subscribers worldwide.  Service revenue increased more than 20% to $366.2M. Click here to read the rest of the article. 

US Telecom Local Content Workshop – Sept 3/4th [postponed until the Fall] Washington D.C.

I am looking forward to co-producing this event with Team Lightbulb, as the location is going to allow us to bring in some unique speakers. Noted entertainment attorney, Thomas Crowell, will speak on the other IP; intellectual property in the context of content. Another speaker that we can announce will be Viodi co-founder, Paul McKellips. Learning about Paul’s background, which ranges from LA Council candidate to scriptwriter to interactive TV executive to Iraq news correspondent, will be worth the price of admission to this unique local content event.  

The Korner – Independence Day Video

Click here to see the videoWhether staying close to home or traveling across the country, the point of July 4th is to remember the birth of our nation and the struggles of those early patriots.   Although, it isn’t Memorial or Veteran’s Day, Independence Day is also an appropriate time to remember those who gave and are continuing to give their blood and lives for our freedom.

It was somewhat ironic timing, when, a couple of weeks ago, Paul McKellips sent me the following video to give me an update on one of the many things he is doing. This video is produced by an organization he co-founded, No Greater Sacrifice.  

No Greater Sacrifice (“NGS”) serves to bridge the educational development and professional mentoring gap for the children of our nation’s fallen heroes [armed forces and law enforcement officials]. Our job is to help finish their work by raising funds to pay for college tuition and graduate degree programs and to provide professional mentoring for their children. NGS accomplishes its mission by funding the charities that are already on the ground working on behalf of this noble cause…

This heart-wrenching video shows the impact this all volunteer organization has on the children of these fallen heroes. It shows the power of video and broadband, as more people have viewed the event online than were there in person.

To learn more about NSG and how you can help, click here.  

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