Artichoke City and Other Stories

click to see what this picture has to do with this articleTelling stories and using imagery to let people draw their own conclusions. This was one of the key messages given by Jim Gilmartin of Coming of Age at CalCom’s 2008 Annual Meeting in Monterey. He was speaking in the context of effective marketing to baby boomers and older customers. Read on to see what this picture has to do with his comments.   

Would Low Cost Mobile Broadband Begat More Public Transportation Use?

The importance of broadband to energy and environmental policy was the theme of Stephen Pociask’s speech at the CalCom’s 2008 Annual Meeting. Posicask, President of The American Consumer Institute, explained how wider spread use of broadband could save 11% of U.S. oil imports and the equivalent of 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases. A week later, at iHollywood’s Digital Living Room conference, it was pointed out that mobile video is widespread in Asian countries in large part because of the use of public transportation. 

The question is would the reverse be true? That is, could low cost mobile broadband drive the use of public transportation, yielding even more energy savings than what was considered in Posiak’s study? 

The Virtual Living Room

Although the title of iHollywood’s conference this week was, the Digital Living Room, The Virtual Living Room would have an equally good description. A common theme throughout the show was the idea of portability and that consumers want to be able to consume entertainment on their own terms; wherever they are and whatever time it is.  OK, so this thought has become almost trite, but what was significant was the caliber of speakers who were echoing this theme.  Click here to read more.

Internet Video In One Place

It’s 11 AM on Tuesday, 3/18 and I still haven’t made it to the VON conference, but it looks like the really big news is from the show’s organizer, Jeff Pulver.  He has co-founded a company, Prime Time Rewind, with Amit Shafrir which serves to aggregate network content that is already out available on the Internet.  Click here to read more.  

Click here to view the video of Ken's interview with Donovan Prostrollo of CalixOver the Top Video Opportunities

Ken Pyle interviews Donovan Prostrollo of Calix regarding opportunities for independent telcos with over the top video.  Donovan had talked on this topic earlier in the day at the MTA 2008 Annual Convention before a standing room only session.  This is especially timely given last week’s commercial launch of Hulu, the opening of YouTube’s APIs and the TiVo’s announcement that YouTube will be integrated into their broadband-enabled DVRs.  Click here to watch the video

ViodiTV @ MTA 2008

Click here to view the highlights from the MTA showThe above video provides highlights of the ViodiTV coverage of MTA – the Minnesota Telecom Alliance’s 2008 Convention in Minneapolis.   Viodi provided approximately 30 minutes of daily video coverage over the course of the convention that aired on cable channels within the MTA Convention’s host hotels.  This video reflects the MTA Convention theme of the operators’ challenge of having to juggle competitiveness, convergence, and consolidation.  Click here to watch the video

NCAA® March Madness® on Demand – An Example

Here is a real time example of how media is changing.  The above link opens up a video player which features the NCAA’s March Madness on CBS.  This can be embedded by web sites, just has been done on ViodiTV.  Unlike other syndication opportunities, there doesn’t seem to be any direct revenue for the web host.  Click here to read more.

Some Upcoming Events:

ViodiTV – The Exclusive Hotel Channel for IP Possibilities

Looking for a cost effective way to reach the service provider marketplace?  ViodiTV has a reputation for enhancing value at leading industry events.  Put ViodiTV to work for your company!  By sponsoring ViodiTV, your company will have increased visibility at IP Possibilities and will have the opportunity to tailor segment(s) to the service provider community that will be watching ViodiTV from the friendly confines of their own hotel room.  Act fast these sponsorship opportunities are extremely limited!  For more information please contact Sean Sullivan with Team Lightbulb at 703-596-4133 or ssullivan@teamlightbulb.com. 

IP Possibilities
April 7-11, 2008
Chicago, IL

Telecom @ NAB 2008

NAB is the place to go for everything associated with content and content production.  Team Lightbulb is blending telecom into this mix with the multi-track conference they are producing, Telecom @ NAB 2008.  I am looking forward to moderating a panel on what’s hot in local content production tools. 

Club Viodi Postings

Club Viodi membership is restricted to independent telcos.  Independent telcos, contact us to learn more:

The Korner – The Story Behind the Exodus Conspiracy

Click here to watch this story behind the story One of the lessons of local content is that creativity and talent is everywhere. Tim Mahoney and his team at Mahoney Media, who hail from the Twin Cities, have used their production talents to research and document the story of Moses and his people’s exodus from Egypt.  We caught up with Mahoney at MTA’s 2008 Annual Convention and talked to him about a movie he has been working on for 7 years. 

One would think this story was ancient history, but as Mahoney found out, this story is ongoing.  Mahoney traveled multiple times to the Middle East and discovered the history is not what we necessarily thought. Mix in the political and religious aspects and this long-ago journey is a mystery that some groups and people apparently want suppressed. Watch this interview with Mahoney to get a preview of his soon-to-be-released movie, The Exodus Conspiracy – The Mystery of the Covenant.  Click here to view video 

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  1. Karen Campagna of Cisco emailed the following comment:

    “I enjoyed this issue of Viodi View, especially the speculation that broadband on public transportation will help lower greenhouse gases. We really believe technology of all kinds will do that….we’ve already cut our carbon emissions a significant amount this year at Cisco by using video for internal meetings instead of flying to meet in person.

    Thought you’d enjoy this video on our Green Bus concept…”


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