As eluded to in a previous issue of the Viodi View, Viodi is going through some changes.  These should be positive for the industry and help us do a better job of being a bridge between the Heartland and Hollywood. Go to The Korner to read what these changes are.

Almost Live – VON

click here to see a recording of a live feed shot at VON.A recurring theme in Viodi View articles has been the idea that, “Youth are our present.”  Blake Wenzel of Kulabyte, reinforces this idea. Wenzel and his cousin are the developers behind Kulabyte’s encoding technology. KulaByte is getting traction with their encoding technology, as evidenced by Wenzel’s comments in this video regarding Operation MySpace.

The Enemy of Advertising

Notably absent from the 2008 VON conference were the over the top and new video alternatives that were prevalent at the 2007 version. Kulabyte, with their real-time HD encoding over the web, was a highlight on the showfloor. Unfortunately, I only attended a portion of one panel, but there were some very insightful quotes from Fred Seibert of Next New Networks (and Executive Producer of The Fairly Odd Parents, former President of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc. and first employee of MTV).  Click here to see why Seibert suggested, "that chaos is the enemy of advertising."

Video and TV over the Net – Part 1 of a Series

Click here to view a video on the trend of video and TV over the netProduced by Roger Bindl, the video includes Ken Pyle’s interview at RIITA (Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association) with Steve Senne from Finley Engineering on over-the-top video and television.  Roger’s television watching habits are also shown and his behavior points to a future of more personalized and portable viewing habits.  Click here to watch. 

Ma and Pa Networking

One of the challenges of bringing video from the Internet to the TV is the home network.  Long-time reader, Abe Chen reports progress on Avinta’s Project Phoenix home networking architecture. The promise of the Project Phoenix approach is to simplify home networking, such that the average consumer doesn’t need to be an IT expert to enjoy what Abe terms, "Ma and Pa Networking."   Although this technology is intended for consumer electronics equipment, it would help Telcos and MSOs simplify the home networking quagmire. To learn more, go to;


July 1st, 2008 – Do or Die for IPTV? 

The FCC finally issued an order for operators requesting waivers with regards to separable security.   The 25+ operators requesting one of the waivers were given until February 17th, 2009 to move to an all-digital system.  The interesting thing is that IPTV operators, although inherently all-digital, are going to have to offer a separable security solution that allows for interoperability with consumer electronics equipment by July 1st, 2008.  Click here to read what this may mean.

From content creation to distribution (and everything in between), Telecom2008 is the must attend event for the education, exhibits and networking necessary to create and deliver enhanced video over next gen networks.  Learn more and register. 

Hope to see you there, especially at the Content Production Potpourri moderated by yours truly on April 16th.

CalCom Association, March 28, 2008 Update

Go to the CalCom web site to read their latest newsletter, which includes articles about:

  • Pole-Top Antennas R.07-12-001 Technical Conference
  • FCC Moves on Consumer Education about DTV
  • Plan to Attend the Tech Expo!
  • Upcoming Classes and Meetings

Hope Fading for Muni Wireless Networks- Is WiMAX the answer? by Alan Weissberger

The NY Times had a front page story describing the sorry state of Muni WiFi networks in the U.S.  We long ago suspected that the business model was flawed, but we did not expect that the number of WiFi Access Points on light poles had to be so much larger then originally planned.  What kind of network architects designed those networks?  Click here to read the entire article.

WiMAX in India- Whom do you believe: press or Indian government official? by Alan Weissberger

Business Week called it "A WiMAX Breathrough in India– Tata Communications unveils an ambitious plan to become global leader in wireless broadband by launching the world’s largest commercial network.  On Mar. 4, India’s Tata Communications , an emerging broadband wireless service provider, announced the countrywide rollout of a commercial WiMax network in India, the largest anywhere in the world of the high-speed, wireless broadband technology.  Click here to read Weissberger’s take on this announcement. 

Click here to watch the video and see why such a cute baby is part of this video.  OK, that's an example of encoded material from the PVT.Really Low Cost Video Capture – A Review

Do you have loads of old analog tapes that you need to convert to digital or need a way to bring analog video into your iPod? The Pinnacle Video Transfer [PVT] may be just the device you need. The PVT converts composite or S-Video and stereo audio inputs into highly compressed MPEG-4 files. There are three levels of encoding quality available with resolutions ranging from 320×240 to 720×480.  This device is about simplicity, as a computer is not required.  Click here to read and watch the review on this device. 

Club Viodi Postings

Club Viodi membership is restricted to independent telcos.  Independent telcos, contact us to learn more:

People on the Move – Kudos to Weissberger, Go Sheri Cooper, Life Just Got Busier for me

I have always appreciated Alan Weissberger’s ability to analyze and write about complex technical challenges. He is never afraid to take a strong view on a topic. A former FCC Commissioner commented on one of his articles by stating, “Your articles were right on target and I very much enjoyed them.” 

Further, Weissberger is quoted in the 3/28 issue of the Online NewsHour by MacNeil/Lehrer Productions

"No one knows what the other players are going to do, because this spectrum doesn’t dictate what wireless technology you use," said Alan J. Weissberger, a Silicon Valley telecommunications consultant with DCT Advisors.

Thank you Alan for your contributions to the Viodi View and congratulations on these positive comments.

Silicon Valley headhunter, Sheri Cooper and her singing partner (yes, she has a rather eclectic existence outside of high-tech) Clancy Bounds are competing for the grand prize of the Lennon Award in the Children’s Category for their song, Jack Rabbit. Check out the song and their CD, The Uh Oh Moon, at http://cdbaby.com/cd/cooperbounds. Vote by going to the following link and look for the title Jack Rabbit in the category Children’s Session I. 


The lesson for independent telcos is that creativity is everywhere and, in this case, the talent hunter is the talent.

The Korner – Continuing to Bridge the Heartland and Hollywood

After 7+ years of going it alone, I have taken full plunge back into the Silicon Valley start-up culture by joining a company that is in stealth mode.  Over time, I will be able to reveal more details. It is in the broadband television space, but its model is so unique that it really is creating a new space in the world of television. 

One of the things that attracted me to this company was that they saw the value in the Viodi View and ViodiTV in helping to inform, connect and, hopefully, occasionally entertain the independent telco industry concerning the topic of video services.   Thanks to the foundation this company brings, our plan is to enhance our coverage of industry events and provide increased value to the telco trade associations and their members.  This relationship should give us a new channel for distributing the Viodi View and ViodiTV. 

The plan is to continue as well as expand  the coverage of independent telco tradeshows.  Editorial control will still be by the individual authors.   Our posts will still be a function of what we feel like writing at any given time and will cover what we think is relevant to independent telcos and their efforts to offer video.  

Roger Bindl and/or partners, depending upon the specifics of a particular opportunity, will handle Viodi business efforts. I will forward on article opportunities, which may present potential conflicts of interest (although I don’t think there will be many), to Roger Bindl.   That is it for now.  Please continue to read/view the Viodi View and ViodiTV and I will provide updates as appropriate.

In the meantime, see you in Chicago next week on ViodiTV at the must-attend, IP Possibilities Conference.

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