Roger Bindl

  Roger Bindl is an award winning videographer, producer, editor that writes for Viodi View and produces video reports for ViodiTV. Roger has travel the country with Viodi producing daily programs for television at conferences and for Video Blog posts on ViodiTV.

Roger’s background covers a wide range in  telecommunications from engineering to sales, and as a media professional in video journalism, documentaries, animation, and entertainment video. He has engineering with marketing and sales background with telecom access, fiber-optics, ATM, IP, VOD, IPTV, and transport facilities. This includes 30+ years in the telco industry with telco’s and vendors such as GTE, Alcatel, Next Level Communications, VOD vendors, and Viodi LLC.

His media works include award winning documentaries at the Minnesota Historical Societies (MNHS) Greatest Generation Film Project on to cooking entertainment with the Kraft Video Cooking Challenge

Roger has also produced monthly short video’s for the Wis-Kino film group in Madison, WI. since 2004, participated in the Montreal Kino 10 day Kabaret duAutumne, and participated in many 24 and 48 hour film projects.

He is active with speaking at industry/professional conferences and writing about video in telecom, web TV, media development, multimedia software, and technologies since 1990. He has volunteered with, spoke for, and/or been published at Bits and PC’s, Desktop Journal, NTCA, OPASTCO, RICA, IEC, SAM Publishing, USTA, and WSTA.

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