Tonight's ViodiTV Programming on the Hilton's Channel 59

Ken Pyle interviews Jaime Montes at Viamedia's booth at The Independent Show
Ken Pyle interviewing Jaime Montes of SureWest at Viamedia’s booth at The Independent Show, 2013 – Photo courtesy of Becky Jones

Tonight’s coverage includes:

  • An independent operator talks about his program to give his customers a green option.
  • And, appropriately enough, from Silicon Valley we will see brain-power as the next-generation user-interface.
  • There will also be an exclusive discussion about a new revenue opportunity that could be of great benefit to relatively small operators.
  • & much more

Phrase of the day (new to me) – “Cableization of the Internet” – which refers to the tying and bundling of broadband video program with traditional CATV programming (e.g., similar to what happens with cable channels in a franchised video service).

Thanks again to the ACA and NCTC for their support in making the channel possible and to AXS TV and Viamedia for their advertising support to make ViodiTV at The Independent Show possible.

Stay tuned for more coverage tomorrow night.

ViodiTV is on Channel 59 at the Hilton!

ViodiTV at The Independent Show 2013Tonight’s coverage includes:

  • Rural challenges in the shadow of urban areas will be discussed by a long-time American Cable Association member and independent operator.
  • An analyst from a leading consumer research will talk about opportunities for operators in the connected home.
  • And there will be an exclusive interview with premium Over-the-Top, VOD provider; one that targets the jet-set crowd.

The hotel is looking into the noise issue….hopefully, just a loose “F” connector. The Hilton staff was amazingly responsive and the video is apparently working great on the in-room channels. If anyone has a picture of the channel as seen in a room, please send it to us at Also let us know what sort of coverage you would like to see on Monday and Tuesday night. Feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks again to  AXS TV and Viamedia for their advertising support to make ViodiTV at The Independent Show possible.


ViodiTV on Channel @ Broadband Communities

A screenshot of a television in the hotel at the Addison, TX, Intercontinental Hotel.
Channel 2 at the Broadband Communities Summit – Thanks Matrix Design Group and M3 Multifamily Media Management, LLC

ViodiTV is currently playing on channel 2 of the Intercontinental’s in-room cable television system. Thank you to Matrix Design Group and M3 Multifamily Media Management, LLC for making this year’s coverage possible.

Thanks to Broadband Communities for supporting Viodi at their very important event, which features speakers from telecom operators, suppliers, property owners, investors, regulators and lawmakers. This four-day conference provides a great overview of what is going on in the telecom industry.

Tonight’s content on the ViodiTV channel includes:

  • An exclusive video overview of a Canadian municipal operator that is deploying fiber to the home to help create a sustainable future.
  • A broadband venture that is using local investors to bootstrap the deployment of an all fiber network in rural Vermont.
  • A $500 per movie VOD system – yes, $500, that wasn’t a typo. This is a system that has to be seen; and the place to see is on ViodiTV at the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit tonight.

Stay tuned for coverage from the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit tomorrow night.

Lastly, have ideas for things you would like ViodiTV to cover at this event, please drop us a comment below.

Broadband Reform and More – Ch 16 & 40


Day 2 of ViodiTV at MTA Is on the air.  In order to see this exclusive video coverage, you have to be at this event and staying at the convention hotels.

Today, we have interviews with Bill Hegmann of NECA talking about the broadband plan, Mike Romano of NTCA calling for broadband operators to tell their story to the FCC and Dave Bickett of Park Region Mutual Telephone discussing the telework conference they organized.

We also got a sneak peak behind a brand new web site with a simple premise.  More on that later.

In the meantime, watch coverage on channel 16 at the Millenium Hotel and channel 40 on the Hyatt’s cable system.

ViodiTV is On at MTA – Ch 16 & 40


We just gave tonight’s ViodiTV program to the hotel to run on its internal channel.  We have a collection of material from previous MTA events, as well as some favorites from recent shows and an interview with Everett Christensen talking about his book “60-40 or Fight.”

Tomorrow night, we will air the second part of this two-part interview.  Looking forward to interviews with various speakers at the conference.  We will air a segment tomorrow in line with the show’s theme of, ” We’ve got an app for that.”

Watch ViodiTV coverage on channel 16 at the Millenium and channel 40 at the Hyatt.

In the meantime, let us know what coverage you would like to see.

ViodiTV @ OPASTCO – Day 2 On-Air


From throwing fish to throwing out ideas on how the broadband plan should be modified, day two of OPASTCO had a little bit of everything. Workers from the Pike Place Fish Market entertained and provided a fresh look at customer service. There is nothing like passing a fish among a couple of hundred people to get the blood flowing early in the morning.

An important theme of the conference is the importance of participating in the various Notice of Proposed Rulemakings from the FCC. Telcos were encouraged to tell their lawmakers and the FCC as to how the Broadand Plan will impact their communities. Carol Mattey of the FCC compared the plan to a preliminary design that an architect might give a home owner. It is now up to the owner to give feedback to shape the final design.

It’s not only the plan, but some of the key assumptions of the plan that are being questioned; like the price to provide 100 Mb/s to the 15 to 30 M homes that would otherwise have broadband defined as 4 Mb/s downstream and 1 Mb/s upstream, or, could existing funding mechanisms work to get 100 Mb/s to all of America without breaking the bank?

We have numerous interviews that we will be posting to ViodiTV on the impact of the 1st version of the plan.

Speaking of ViodiTV, Roger Bindl’s hard work paid off, as we were able to get day 2 coverage of the OPASTCO Summer 2010 Convention on the hotel channel. We added an agenda, so people can see what is coming up tomorrow. Roger also figured out the aspect ratio to ensure the video filled the widescreen TV.

Roger also took some great B-roll, to serve as filler during transitions between segments. The above picture of Mt. Ranier framed by Safeco Field is an example of one of his shots.

As usual, we look forward to feedback to help us shape tomorrow night’s program. Please leave a comment with this post or contact us directly at the show for ideas to help us improve our coverage.

ViodiTV – Day One @ OPASTCO


A large library of content overcomes multiple flight delays. Let me explain what this fragment means. Roger was supposed to arrive in Seattle from Madison around noon today. Unfortunately, airplane mechanical problems delayed his arrival until around 5:30.

The good news is that he had enough material to create a best of ViodiTV reel that provides highlights from last year’s show as well as features from other shows we have attended. He was able to burn a DVD on the fly at the airport.

Of particular interest, is the interview with Wilfred Martis of Intel and his suggestion that the minimum speed for broadband is 10 Mb/s. His statement could have huge policy implications given that the FCC says that 4 Mb/s is enough for rural America.

The other thing that I notice is that video is still a TV experience. Watching it on the big screen makes the content fresh again and truly a lean back experience. It is also easier to see spelling errors, such as “wathing”, instead of “watching.”

It’s also easier to see my many verbal miscues. I also wonder why one of the speakers attibuted redistribution of wealth to Adam Smith. Why I didn’t pick up on that in our interview is beyond me.

The other defect, that some may notice and that you just don’t see anymore in digital systems, is analog noise (I attempted to capture with the above photo of the TV). It is particularly bad on channel 62 on the hotel’s analog cable network. Oh well, hopefully, no one will tune away because of the squigley lines.

So, that is it for Sunday, here at OPASTCO. Please let us know what interviews you would like us to get (either by coming up to us at the convention or responding to this post).

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