With the passing of Labor Day, the tradeshow and convention season is ready to move into full swing, just like the political season already is. Politics and the selection of a new President will be a hot topic for the media from now until November. Maybe we should have a TelcoTV election party, as many of the Viodi View readers will be in Anaheim for the TelcoTV IPTV conference on November 11, election Tuesday  [Don’t forget to get your absentee ballots!] (Correction: It will have be a post election party, as the election is Tuesday November 4th, not the 11th).

Regardless of what happens, this will be an election of firsts. For instance, this may be the first time there is a Presidential ticket with a candidate who lives in a town served by an independent telco (see the Korner to see which independent telco this is).

wsta logoViodi is working with the WSTA for offering sponsorship opportunities at the Oct 13-14, 2008 WSTA Fall Conference. Contact Chris Nachreiner at the WSTA office 608-256-8866 ext 21 for more information.The WSTA sponsorship includes (1) pre-roll sponsor ad in a ViodiTV posted highlights video of the Fall Conference, (2) a sponsor highlight video from the conference to be posted on ViodiTV, AND (3) a weblink feature in the post show WSTA Bulletin.

workshop bannerViodi is also planning a Local Content Workshop for Oct 20, 2008 in Minneapolis – the afternoon before OPASTCO’s Technical and Marketing Symposium. Please let us know if you are interested in attending, and complete the very short planning survey at ViodiTV.

OPASTCO Member EATEL Requests Emergency Assistance Following Hurricane Gustav [ From the OPASTCO 411]

OPASTCO member EATEL, located in Gonzales, La., may be in need of outside assistance to help with restoration of phone, data and video services. Eatel explains that most of the recovery would consist of repairing or replacing fiber and copper aerial cables, repair or replacement of copper and fiber drops, and repairs of services beyond the demarc.
Companies offering to provide assistance should contact Charles Babin, EATEL’s manager of external relations, at 225/621-4287 or charles@eatel.com.

click here to learn more about Carrier Ethernet in the Rural MarketsCarrier Ethernet in Rural Areas

In this interview Michael Loomis of Nortel Networks and Gary Bolton of Hatteras Networks explain the applicability of Carrier Ethernet to rural markets, using both existing copper and/or new fiber infrastructure. This allows carriers to provide services to rural areas that are comparable to what can be found in urban area. Michael Loomis points out how rural carriers are closer to their subscribers and are much faster to move to solutions than larger entities.  Click here to watch this video interview that was filmed at OPASTCO’s Summer 2008 Convention. 

What is the market for Carrier Ethernet- Metropolitan and/or Rural areas? – Alan J. Weissberger

In a post several months ago, we opined that despite a plethora of standards for Carrier Ethernet and over 8 years of vendor effort to get it going, the technology was still in search of a mass market.   We identified last mile distribution for IPTV and fiber access VPNs for large business customers. Well, that may be changing with more and more carriers interested in expanding their Carrier Ethernet service to small and medium business customers. In addition, we see an important role for Carrier Ethernet in 2G/3G copper based backhaul (mid-band Ethernet) and in fiber based backhaul (Optical Ethernet).  Click here to read the rest of Alan’s analysis.

Click here to hear Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier FoundationA Broadband Universal Music Fund?

The music industry is still coming to grips with the economic model of the digital age. In this exclusive video interview Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation points out that there are people who suggest that the ISPs should be collecting a fee from all broadband users, which, in turn, would then be distributed to the musicians and publishers. This would compensate those who are losing out because of illegal file sharing. He points out that this simplistic proposal is not without flaws, particularly as it penalizes the casual listener.  Click here to view the video.

click here to see how the PS2 can be used as a set-topThe Sony PS2 – an Inexpensive Set-Top Box?

With 140+ million units in the field, the Sony PS2 has been a workhorse in the gaming world. Could a sub-$50 piece of software turn this consumer-owned device into a mechanism for pulling content off the Internet, as well as USB-enabled storage devices?

The above video, filmed at Digital Hollywood in August ’08, demonstrates an offering from Austin TX-based BroadQ which turns the ordinary PS2 into a fully-featured set-top capable of decoding various video formats.   Click here to watch this brief video.

The Korner – A Surprise Candidacy

Last week’s announcement of Sarah Palin, the former Mayor and current resident of Wasilla, AK (Wasilla is served by independent telco, Matanuska Telephone), as John McCain’s running mate caught most of the political pundits by surprise. The picture below, along with the associated video, tell the story of another surprise candidacy that, according to this video, is sweeping the nation. 

Click here to see an amusing video

Thanks to Bill Fielding for pointing out this spoof video (in the version he sent me, he was the surprise candidate). It is a brilliant form of promotion for Paltalk, the interactive video chat service, which produced the video. They weave elements of their service together with their talent to create an entertaining and almost believable piece. It is an excellent form of viral marketing, as it relatively low-cost, encourages interaction and is unique in its freshness and creativeness. The promotional elements may be a bit too subtle, however, so it will be interesting to see the results of this campaign.

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