SLC, this is the airport code for Salt Lake City, but I think it could stand for something like Slowly Losing Cars or Still Low on Cars. I think it needs this new name because the last two times I rented cars in this otherwise fine berg, there were few rentals to be found. At least my car rental experience a few weeks ago in Salt Lake City wasn’t nearly as bad as decade ago when I had to rent a U-Haul pick-up as my mode of transport. 

Still, the recent tight demand for rental cars at SLC and the resulting latency (I had to go to the counter, as I had to deal with a car rental company where I wasn’t a club member), reminded me of the story that Alan Weissberger told me regarding his experience with MLB.com. You can read the challenges he has recently faced with the MLB service and how his problems may be related to an earlier article he penned on Internet Congestion. Click here to read the previously published article and his update regarding his MLB experience.

Some other Weissberger posts since the last issue include:

One of the newest/oldest applications that could drive backbone and last mile broadband bandwidth needs is Cloud Computing. Alan Weissberger provides a good summary of Cloud Computing in this article. 

A sort of Cloud Computing residential application that has some interesting practical application for telcos and their customers is home automation and security. In this brief video, Lesley Kirchman, Director of Marketing for Actiontec, explains how her home was turned into a living laboratory for testing their router-based home automation solution, along with the associated accessories. 

Wireless has opened up entirely new forms of communications from text messaging to the idea of mobility as a feature being more important that signal quality. In this video from the 2008 OPASTCO Summer Convention, Tim Owens of Cronin Communications talks about the results of their survey of this so-called cell phone generation or, as I once wrote, the packet generation.

ViodiTV Kicks Off the ‘Product Buzz’ by Roger Bindl

Buzz Immage Follow the Buzz for new products, video tutorials, applications, and more. This is a new section on ViodiTV for sponsor highlight video’s that provide more in-depth details, visuals, and new perspectives on products and services for ViodiTV viewers.

Genesis imageCheck out Genesis Technical Systems for our first product overview posting on the Product Buzz.. Genesis is bringing new life to existing copper wire plant with rings and bonded pairs for 400MB/Second broadband services.

Brought to you by Genesis Technical Systems

 The Korner – Technology Generations

Lynn Nelson of SRT talks about marketing technology to different generationsIn the previous issue of the Viodi View, I expressed my frustration with the challenges of trying new technology. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of listening to Lynn Nelson of SRT, a North Dakota Independent Telco, discuss the importance of tailoring the marketing of technology to particular generations. That is, Millennials adopt technology different than Baby Boomers. So, maybe the problem is that I am just too old and the technology people need to do a better job of explaining their product to me; that’s my excuse, anyhow.

In addition to providing marketing tips, Lynn looked at some new technologies that telcos will need to embrace at some level. Fortunately, Roger Bindl’s roving camera caught up with Lynn and we put together this video that summarized his excellent speech.

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