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You know you have been traveling too much when staying home feels like a vacation. One of the biggest challenges of travel is meeting with all of the people you want to in the given amount of time.Click here to watch the video Sometimes, one simply runs out of time. Similarly, we end up with a number of articles and videos that we sometimes don’t get published before publication dates. In this issue, we highlight a few of the videos that missed earlier Viodi View deadlines.      

Highlights of WSTA 2008 in Lake Geneva

Roger Bindl put together a summary video of the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association’s annual meeting. This brief video provides an overview of this three day event, as well as background interviews with several people from Wisconsin telcos. Bindl’s video does a good job of capturing the theme of the conference, Serving Our Communities Best

ViodiTV @ WSTA coverage brought to you by Solarus

ViodiTV @ WSTA coverage brought to you by Solarus

WiMAX Patent Pool Perspective by Alan Weissberger

Alan Weissberger provides a good analysis of the recently announced patent pool in this brief article, where he ties the importance of visionary regulators to the rollout of WiMAX.

Weissberger expands on the idea of the importance of visionary (or not) regulators and WiMAX in this update article.

In this round up, Weissberger reports on and provides analysis of some recent developments in the telecom world ranging from the chip level to the device to the telecom carrier.  Companies profiled include Alcatel-Lucent, Infineon, Reliance and Deutsche Telecom.

Upcoming Events:

Appointment for an On-Demand Webinar- Tomorrow, June 12, 2008

Avail Media is sponsoring and hosting a webinar regarding on-demand content on Thursday, June 12th at 2 PM EDT. Avail’s acquisition of ViewNow late last year made them the only supplier of both linear and on-demand content to providers of IPTV. What makes this webinar interesting is that Avail will be sharing the stage with one of their IPTV affiliates, Consolidated Communications. I had the chance to be on a panel with Consolidated Communications earlier this year and came away impressed with their scientific approach to marketing.

ATIS @ NXTcomm, June 17th, 2008

Next week’s NXTComm has some interesting sessions regarding IPTV and related bundled services. Tuesday’s ATIS panel, IPTV Implemented and Deployed – NOW WHAT, looks at some interesting applications and interfaces that will quickly become the new table stakes. Brad Kayton, a long-time veteran of IP Set-tops, will be moderating another panel on Wednesday at 4:00 PM that will debate which device will be the central controller of the various features of the automated home. 

Connections – The Digital Living Conference & Showcase, June 24-26

The Parks Associates Connections Conference will focus solely on the home. It is an excellent event and one that is valuable for the independent telco looking to add value-add services, such as home security, as well as understand the potential for new services, such as in-home health monitoring. Let me know if you are going to the Parks Associates event, as it will be in my backyard.  

OPASTCO’s Summer Convention, July 12-16, Quebec City, Quebec

The OPASTCO Summer convention will be here in a month. This is must-attend event for anyone serious about working with independent telcos.  Contact Roger Bindl at 608 268 5704 for information on sponsoring ViodiTV at this event.  

I remember clear as yesterday a conversation I had with an unassuming World War II veteran sometime in the late 1990s. We were at an Atlanta steakhouse during one of the many Supercomms (e.g. the predecessor to NXTcomm) in that fair city. He explained to me how he was part of a commissioning crew on a submarine that was towed from the Great Lakes through the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. This seemed like an odd bit of history, as submarines and the Midwest seemed like an oxymoron.    

Fast-forward 10 years and I am speeding through the Eastern part of Wisconsin when I notice a sign for the Maritime Museum of Wisconsin. The picture of the submarine on the sign jolted my memory of that long ago conversation with Ralph. I had to make the detour off the Interstate to determine if this was where he began his submarine journey some six decades earlier. 

As it turns out, the Manitowoc Shipbuilding facilities produced 28 submarines during the war. Overlooking the star of the Maritime Museum, the U.S.S. Cobia, are placards that list the names of the individuals who were part of the commissioning crews. Sure enough, I was able to find the late Ralph Hoeper’s name on one of the placards. Ralph survived his World War II experience and returned to build up Foresthill Telephone from a handful of lines to over 4,000 some six decades later. 



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